#SingPoWriMo Day 30

<To Whom it May Concern>

Your kisses
Suck the soul out of
My body
Your fingers caressing
Every patched up wound.
It’s like life and death
You make me feel
Stuck in between.
In your mercy.
Because sex is a power game,
And you’re winning.
Two lovers lie
Next (to) each other,
Cheating desperately
Because no one wants to be
That fragile or guilty
in front of a stranger.
I do no feel lonely when I’m alone,
I feel lonely when I
Imagine myself being loved by you.
But love me anyway,
With your eyes.
Love me,
At least for our one nights,
You make me feel wanted.
I can take the pain.


‪#‎SingPoWriMo Day 22‬

<One Nights>

Come home.
Find a sewing needle, pick a thread of your favourite colour, and
With a small knife, cut the flesh gently. Begin sowing.

Bloody nails!
Sow faster, it’s coming.
Just close your eyes and…!

Had fun?
Or did it just hurt for you too?


Based on: Write a liwuli*

*A liwuli consists of 3 stanzas: (1) the first stanza contains exactly 31 syllables in the form of a prose poem, and should be phrased entirely in terms of instructions. (2) the second stanza consists of 14 syllables, and is broken into 3 lines (the length of each line is up to the writer as long as its 14 syllables). (3) the third stanza consists of 10 syllables, and is broken into 2 lines. the third stanza should be phrased entirely in terms of questions.

#SingPoWriMo Day 10

<Eh Sister How You Know>

Of course,
HOW Not to remember you?
HOW Is salvation?
HOW Is it in the dark?
HOW Is it in the light?
HOW Is it being silent?
HOW I know, you. 
It’s not about you, 
when you die,
You leave behind.
Nothing, you say.
So just like you, we all are also
Kam sia, hor.

Based on: Write a poem about a famous dead person.

#SingPoWriMo Day 9


are like
Sperms, he said.
What do you mean?
Confused, was the Prof.
from liberal U.S.
A cross of her brows prompting
an explanation. Is this a
local pun she hasn’t picked up yet?
Malays are like sperms, the student repeats.
Out of many, only one can make
it to the top of the food chain.
Guilty giggles spreading like
fire. One boy decides
to remain silent.
His loyalty
in question.
But to

Based on the challenge: Write an etheree.

#SingPoWriMo Day 8

“Simply deny, and you become sand, sinking.”
I thought, staring at my strange suitor
With a pail, and two spades in hand,
he was prepared,
not to be alone.
“Let’s build a castle!” he says
Grabbing my hand,
without consent.
Slow running.
Like in a romantic movie.
Or Baywatch.
Running, but to nowhere.
Am I having a dream or a nightmare?
“We’re not supposed to!”, I pulled away.
To reality.
His eyes questioning,
A trick?
Like the man he is to be.
A trick, yes.
“There’re no such things as castles in Singapore.”
A lie I made from truth.
“It’s just pretend…”
His forehead was sweaty.
So was his eyebrows,
his upper lip…
Those lips…
What have they tasted?
I wonder.
What do they taste like?
I shudder.
“Go away! Boys cannot build castles together, even in pretend!”
He shrugged, and ran away.
I dug my feet in the sand,
holding my ground.
It’s raining,
I pretend,
My mind turning into quicksand, chanting:
“Simply deny, and you become sand, sinking.”

#SingPoWriMo Day 6

The air-conditioning chills my lips
like ice
that does not quench
the thirst
I feel in my mouth
from sand.
Enter Sandman.
Wilted rose buried
behind eyes
that will not shut.
Eyes that see nothing.
Nothing but the Sandman.
Watching like
a ticking time bomb
of sleep.
for the espresso in my mind
to stop expressing.
Be quiet.
I don’t need your sand in my eye.
I’ve had enough,
for now.
Of this prickling sensation,
from sand that is not dry.
Not like air-conditioning ice.
Deny regret,
And you become ice.
Simply deny,
And you become sand,

Based on the words: mouth, rose, sleep, quiet, deny, regret.